Featured Pieces

The following featured pieces are currently in the Artistry in Bronze showroom in Reno, NV and can be delivered immediately upon purchase. Contact us at 775-323-0203 or by email for pricing and/or other details.

Mike Boyce Bronze Sculpture Artist

Mike's philosophy on art is routed in its significant role throughout human history. For him, art is the thread through which we are connected to our ancient human ancestors as it is found among the remnants of the first human civilizations. At a time when 99% of human efforts were geared towards survival, the human spirit still felt the necessity to express itself artistically.

The pieces that he has created thus far represent a deep exploration into human nature, as well as our relationship with our planet and its wildlife. A delicate dance is taking place between those three elements, each one depending on the other for survival. While we live in a modern age filled with endless advancements, the human struggle remains. Through his sculptures, Mike embraces this human condition, encouraging others to both accept it and learn from it.


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Mike Boyce, a second-generation artist and long-time resident of Nevada, is a sculptor of both the human and wildlife form. Exploring life's journey, Mike was led to sculpture as a silent expression of his passion.


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